Mansfield District Albion Lowlander 175 175NVO

MDT 175 Albion Lowlander

















Mansfield District had just one Albion Lowlander 175 175 NVO.  The bodywork on the o/s was extensively rebuilt in the Sutton Road Workshops .... it lost its illuminated side advertisement in the process.

All the seats were retrimmed in blue moquette ... a lovely bus to drive ...however it was not liked by the MDT crews and the trade union stepped in and prevented its use in all day service.

It spent most of its days parked in "no 1" garage. However one summers day I persuaded driver Norman Hutchinson to speak to bus allocator Cyril day as we needed a bus to operate the works service from the  Simpson Wright  &  Lowe factory in Sutton in Ashfield  to Mansfield. My wish was granted ... and I took along my Polaroid instant camera to record the event .... this was my first experience of working an Albion Lowlander as a conductor. Note all the windows are open on this hot summers day!

It had the luxury of a bell strip running along the length of the bus unlike the Bristol Lodekkas which only had a couple of bell pushes on the roof....

When I passed my test I was lucky enough to drive it on a couple of occasions ...where it did a 3 hour stint on the 103 route from Ladybrook to Forest Town one afternoon ... much to the annoyance of the union reps at the time ...  and another occasion saw it appear on the 73A to Shirebrook on the first working by MDT at 1610 when I drove it with my conductress Sue Biddle.

 Afterwards its only occasional use ...when there was a bus shortage was on the short workings on the 103 route from Walkden Street to Crown Farm Colliery.