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Restoration News for 234 AEC Regent III HVH234  -

Sept 2011 - moved from Huddersfield to Deepcar for restoration to commence

Oct 2011 - engine water jacket removed - bad leaks

Nov 2011 - interior completely emptied and tidied out , work started on NSF wing

Missing Alloy hub caps sourced - NS cap fitted - badge fitted to hub cap

Dec 2011 - NSF wing rebuilt - platform pillar repaired - platform metal replaced / rebuilt

USAL emerg door dome area repaired- platform destination gear repaired

NS window & rubber replaced - destination glass & rubber replaced

Engine water jacket replaced - sealant added - engine now filled with antifreeze & holding water

Jan 2012 - NS indicator sourced & fitted

Aug 2013

Lift pump removed and reconditioned - fuel filters fitted in engine compartment ...kindly fitted by Mark Binns

Sept 2013

Fuel tank drained - and cleaned out - piped up to lift pump - engine now running from the fuel tank again after many years being gravity fed from a gallon container

OSF tyre replaced with a 1000x20 crossply tyre - surplus from 472


Sept 2013 SYTM Rally at Aldwarke - 472 to operate 3 jnys on the FREE service to Parkgate (via Rotherham)